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Kalli Marshall Agency is a Public Relations, Social Media and Marketing Agency based in Berawa, Bali. They needed a minimalist and elegant Brand and Web Design for the launch of their branch in Bali.


Minimalist design principles create a modern look. Unique logos or typography can set the brand apart. Consistency across touchpoints is critical. A clear and concise design leaves a lasting impression with consumers.

The Bukit Studio | Kalli Marshall marketing agency branding


A simple and recognisable logo is a design that is clean, minimalistic, and easy to understand. It should feature a few elements that can be quickly recognised and associated with the brand.

Having a simple and recognisable logo is essential for a company to establish brand awareness and to create a memorable identity in the minds of customers. The logo must be easy to reproduce and versatile enough to be used on various platforms. A well-designed logo will help businesses generate more interest and good recognition for their brand.


Brand persona allows companies to create a distinctive identity and personality that consumers can connect with and relate to. By defining a brand persona, companies can shape their messaging, tone, and visual identity to create consistency in their marketing and communication efforts.

This can help build trust, loyalty, and familiarity with consumers, which can translate into increased sales and brand advocacy. Additionally, a well-defined brand persona can help differentiate a brand from competitors and elevate it in the minds of consumers. Ultimately, a strong brand persona can contribute to the overall success of a business by creating a memorable and engaging experience for customers.

Black &

Black and white is a timeless color combination that can make a brand’s design appear sophisticated, elegant, and professional. The simplicity of this color scheme makes it versatile and adaptable to any type of design, whether it is a logo, packaging, or marketing materials. Additionally, black and white can evoke feelings of strength, balance, and purity. It can also help brands stand out in a sea of more colorful and complex designs.  Ultimately, black and white is a classic choice that can give a brand a strong and memorable visual identity while leaving a lasting impression on its audience.

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