Cap Ferret

Lifestyle Brand
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The Bukit Studio | Cap Ferret logo outline

Cap Ferret is a French Summer Lifestyle Brand celebrating friendship and “l’art de vivre”.

The brand is located on an iconic French peninsula, Le Cap Ferret. 

The Bukit Studio | Cap Ferret wood sign

Cap Ferret
Brand Design

The main objective was to create a friendly and distinctive visual identity. Close to its customers.

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Brand Guide

Maintaining consistency builds trust and recognition with customers, leading to long-term success.

A Brand Guide is the right place to start.

The Bukit Studio | Cap Ferret brand guide book
The Bukit Studio | Cap Ferret brand

with Colors

Colour assortment is the variety of colours available for a product, brand, or collection. It’s important for design and affects product appeal and saleability. A good colour assortment can make a brand stand out, convey a message or mood, and emotionally connect with customers. When choosing colours, it’s important to consider cultural associations, colour psychology, and accessibility. A good colour assortment can benefit businesses by increasing customer satisfaction, driving sales, and building brand recognition.

Inspired by the Environment

Le Cap Ferret is a beautiful peninsula holding a pine forest in its heart, surrounded by sand welcoming the ocean and a massive laguna. 

The Bukit Studio | Cap Ferret
The Bukit Studio | Cap ferret brand guide

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