Breathe Restaurants

Vegan Bistronomy

Breathe Restaurants are a new kind of vegan bistros based in Paris. 100% vegetal, they have a very surprising menu. The Chef is constantly exploring new ways of rediscovering vegetal food.

Web User
Interface Design

One of the partners is a graphic designer and provided us with the logo. The challenge was to create a brand universe and web-design around the given elements.

The Bukit Studio | Breathe restaurants Paris carte cadeau


We created the different elements of the user interface inspired by Tibetan illustrations, trying to respect and enhance the brand’s peaceful essence.


Lottie animation is a powerful tool for creating stunning animations for mobile and web applications. It allows us to create vector-based engaging and captivating animations that can be easily integrated into applications without slowing down performance.


Responsive design is vital because it enables a website to adapt to the rapidly changing digital landscape. With the growing use of mobile devices, users expect websites to remain accessible and functional. Responsive design guarantees that websites can modify their layout and content dynamically to match the user’s screen size, providing a consistent experience across all devices. Moreover, Google’s algorithm considers responsive design when ranking websites, making it essential for search engine optimization. Websites that ignore mobile optimization often face penalties in search results. Overall, responsive design is critical to delivering a seamless user experience and staying competitive online.


Custom user interface elements are unique and customised to meet specific design needs. These elements can be created to enhance the user experience by providing a visually appealing and personalised interface. Some common custom UI design elements include custom buttons, sliders, dropdown menus, and navigation bars.

Creating custom UI elements can be time-consuming and requires a good understanding of design principles, but it can pay off in the long run by providing a more engaging and effective user experience. Custom UI design can set a product apart and make it memorable to users.

The Bukit Studio | Breathe restaurants Paris logo

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