Asali Bali

Engineering Bamboo Construction
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Asali Bali specializes in modern bamboo buildings incorporating traditional craftsmanship. They offer a spectrum of highly professional services worldwide from structural engineering consultancy to full project delivery leveraging a rich network of specialised architects. The company was born before the digital era. It grew its reputation by developing high quality bamboo buildings and consultations.

Asali Bali
Web Design

In today’s digital age, it is essential for companies to have a strong online presence. As more and more people are using the internet to research companies and make purchases, it’s crucial that businesses have a well-established presence online. This includes having a website that’s user-friendly, highly functional, and visually appealing. Additionally, companies should be active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to build a following and engage with their audience. By growing their online presence, companies can improve brand recognition, increase website traffic, and ultimately, increase revenue.

The Bukit Studio | Asali Bali bamboo construction - Website design


56 Bamboo projects stacked in a searchable and filtrable grid. More than 600 images hosted.

The Bukit Studio | Asali Bali bamboo construction - Website design


A multilingual website opens up new markets and improves accessibility to a wider audience. It can increase a company’s chances of gaining new customers and improve its reputation with users who might not be comfortable navigating a website in a language other than their own. It also allows companies to better communicate with stakeholders such as international partners or suppliers. Having a website available in multiple languages is a smart investment for companies seeking to expand their audience and improve their global presence.

Project Template

We defined a custom template for the projects detail layout. Technical data is easy to reach and pictures are highlighted in a large responsive grid.

The Bukit Studio | Asali Bali bamboo construction - Website design
The Bukit Studio | Asali Bali bamboo construction - Website design


A valuable series of ressources and guides is available for download

Contact Form

A dedicated form on a company website is crucial for seamless customer communication. It captures vital inquiries data, saving time and resources by eliminating the need for lengthy emails or phone calls. It demonstrates a commitment to customer service and shows that a company is willing to listen to their customer’s needs.

The Bukit Studio | Asali Bali bamboo construction - Website design
The Bukit Studio | Asali Bali bamboo construction - Website design


FAQs on a website save time and effort for both the owner and visitors by providing answers to common questions and reducing customer service requests. A well-organized FAQ section increases customer satisfaction, trust, and conversions.

Asali Bali
Custom Map

We developed a custom Google Map with clusters and custom made icons to geolocate all the projects and studies.

Icon Set

We created a custom icon set for the Google map’s pins. Trying to fit the best with the different types of projects.

The Bukit Studio | Asali Bali custom icons

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